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Find the opportunities in front of you, know which path to take and shape behaviours with actionable data that’s aligned with the emotional motivators driving your audiences' behaviours.

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We help sustainable food and drinks brands and their customers to flourish and thrive.

If you want to create emotional value, tell stories that resonate, shift behaviours and build premium brands we can help you to do just that by aligning with your audience's core emotional motivators.

Reliable insights that are deeply human

Our qualitative approach is rooted in empathy, narrative and a systems view of life. Every project is bespoke, using focus groups, interviews and ethnographies that shine a light on the heart of your audience.

And we don’t just give you data - we provide actionable insights with clear recommendations to make achieving your goals and those of your customers, feel like pushing on an open door.



Emotion-Driven Value Proposition Development (EVPD)
Craft compelling value propositions through emotional research to elevate your brand in the market.

Brand Loyalty and Preference Analysis (BLPA)
Deep-dive analysis to understand why consumers choose your brand, fostering loyalty and competitive advantage.

Consumer Expectation Trendspotter (CET)
Stay ahead of market trends with predictive insights into evolving consumer expectations for future-proof product development.

Innovation Insight Generator (IIG)
Identify market gaps and consumer needs to inspire innovative product development that captivates your audience.

Psychological Pricing Strategy Consultation (PPSC)
Refine your pricing strategy with insights into the psychological impact on consumers, balancing profitability and loyalty.

Authentic Narrative Crafting (ANC)
Develop authentic and engaging brand stories that resonate with consumer values, driving loyalty and action.


Source Nine started life in 2022 when an insights industry legend (Vincent Nolan of 2CV & Mermaid Gin) and transformative learning specialist (Rob Harrison-Plastow) met whilst helping climate campaigners to change tack and connect with larger audiences.

They talked about how much of marketing had gotten lost in a sea of Big Data, AI and a focus on digital tactics. 

How empathy was missing as a result of so many online echo chambers.

And how now, more than ever, we needed new ways of looking at audiences and ourselves that were deeply human.

So they set about creating something different.

A strategic insights company that helps good people do great things with emotion.

We’re on a mission to bring about a more regenerative and sustainable food system. 


Data and insights are two different things. The marketing industry definitely doesn’t need any more descriptive data about WHAT their audiences get up to.

But it does need more insight into why people do what they do in order to shift behaviours - which is where we come in.


There’s a lot going on in the world right now and a lot of brands, policymakers and campaigners are working incredibly hard to shift narratives and behaviours to bring us closer to a more sustainable, regenerative food industry.

You are who we help.


We all know that it is emotion that drives behaviour and creates customer value but explaining exactly how and why in a repeatable and reliable way is often quite a challenge for many marketers and creatives looking to convince stakeholders of the power of emotion.

Which is why we created The Empathy Framework, an approach to data gathering and analysis that does exactly that.

behaviour change for positive social tipping points

It's not just the climate that has tipping points.

Small changes in the right places in society can trigger tipping points and cascades that lead to systemic change.

We work with food and drinks brands and advocacy groups in key areas to help create conditions conducive to the changes in behaviours that can accelerate our transition to a regenerative society.


“We loved working with the team for some early customer insights research. It was SO supportive to have you all galvanize around our business and feel the benefit of a bigger team!

We had a very short time frame for the research, but you went above and beyond to hit the deadline professionally and to a high standard.

The final report gave us so many useful insights to cut through our opinions and follow the data on which audience to speak with first and how to connect with them.

Natalie Peire


“To boost the growth of our citizen movement, we partnered with Source Nine to get better insights into our member base, improve our messaging and customer experience.

The team clearly understood the brief, captured the full essence of our requests, and offered a wealth of advice on how to strengthen our messaging and brand. 

They made themselves available throughout the process to address any concerns we had and most importantly, shared the same motivation in driving change at Big Oil.

On behalf of the Follow This team, we would like to thank Source Nine for their contributions” 

Harlee Richards

Follow This

About Us

Meet The Senior Team

Rob Harrison-Plastow

Since 2009 I've been obsessed with understanding why people do what they do, how we learn and how transformations come about.

I now use that insight to help sustainable food and drinks brands to grow, thrive and flourish so that our society can do the same.

I spent a decade at the University of Exeter as a senior manager, designed the innovative MEng Engineering & Entrepreneurship Degree and led on University wide research and strategy briefs before moving on to start, scale and exit an ecommerce business.

I’m a keen advocate for Doughnut Economics, am guiding Source Nine through B Corp certification and love working with others to explore and shape what it means to be a regenerative business.

And when I’m not working or being with my family you’ll find me at the beach, weeding in a polytunnel or writing about nature for publications like Dark Mountain Books, Resurgence & The Ecologist or being a spokesperson for The Climate Majority Project.

Becky Harrison-Plastow
Head of Research

With a background in sustainable development research, I specialise in qualitative research  and love working with purpose-led businesses, helping them to increase their positive impact on people, planet and profit by providing clear insights.

I’ve handled all kinds of research briefs with corporates, charities and retailers that have taken me to Latin America, Eastern Europe and even beautiful Cornwall.

I also spent 13 years working with large institutions in the public sector researching wellbeing and the environment before making the move to the e-commerce sector and now focus on commercial problem solving where wellbeing and the environment are as equally valued as increasing profits.

When I’m not waxing lyrical about qualitative insights, I’m usually found at the beach with the kids, enjoying cake Tuesdays at work or jumping into the Cornish sea (any time of year and not in a wetsuit!).

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